Our Commitment to transparent Pricing

Each package can be customized further to fit your specific needs and preferences. Prices are presented as a range to accommodate variations in shoot complexity and final project duration. please Let us know if you need further adjustments to the packages below, or any additional details! (additional charges may apply)

Starter Package – $800-1450

Shooting: Basic photo or video shoot
Editing: social media reels, and / or short promo video, Package of edited photos from shoot
Optional Add-ons: Drone video / photo, Underwater Video / Photo (When Necessary)


Mid-Range Package – $1500-3500

Shooting: Photo and video shoot
Editing: Social media reels and / or long promo video, Package of edited photos from shoot (Drone Video and Photo included)
Optional Add-ons: Underwater Video / Photo, Sit-down interview(s)

Full-Scale Production Package – $3500+

Comprehensive package including all services
Shooting: Photo, video, drone Video / Photo, and underwater (when necessary) 
Editing: Social media reels, photo packages, long  promo videos, full scale episodes and short films

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